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Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012

String ServerName=args[0]; - MineCraft SMP Server [HD]

As I said, a new map an a new server had to be started. We still need a name for it, so send me suggestions!
Anyway, we now play on Hard (yay, worry about Mobs even more) and have a definite city structure with closer plots for every member (yay, worry about other players' pranking even more). Funny enough, all the naysayers brought stuff with then, too, while yelling about cheating on each other, the viewers and oneself before... What do I care.
So, this is the first installment on the new map, where 12 of us try to secure two villages, i.e. fencing them in and blocking villagers in their houses. The latter is because of the difficulty Hard to prevent them from being exterminated by zombies during some nights.
I will take a break until I know whether and what to do and build.

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